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Based in Cambridge, UK, Jaitea builds upon the legacy of a great Indian Rajah, the grandfather of the brand’s founder. A Rajah is equivalent to a king or ruler of a state in India.

He was educated at Cambridge and Edinburgh Universities,  and also travelled widely in the east and west. Whilst travelling, he would bring back the tastes and flavours that he had encountered and would provide instructions to his staff to reproduce them in the Palace kitchen.

The Rajah was renowned for hosting the most incredible soirées at his palace, where he would share these new flavours and combinations, including a drinks menu with imaginative tea blends. Notably, Earl Mountbatten was a good friend of his and was often a guest at the palace.

Jaitea was inspired by these great stories, as retold by the Rajah himself, and the brand has sought to recreate the full experience by bringing the past firmly in to the present. 

, "I could vividly imagine the palace during one of these events, alive with people,, food,, drink and, music".                             

- Jasmine, Founder of Jaitea



Today, Jaitea takes tea-drinkers on a similar journey of discovery – with traditional and new blends and flavours of the finest black teas, green and white teas, oolong and rooibos and fruit and herbal infusions, sourced from all four corners of the globe.  

We delight in the ceremony of tea and celebrate the art of drinking tea! We truly believe that drinking tea can transport you to a higher plane and take you on a journey of peace and serenity, helping you find that moment of peace and calm. We believe that tea enhances the body and soul and should be incorporated into everyone's life.

Jaitea stocks over 100 teas from the celebrated single estates to fruit and herbal tisanes, whilst also including teas suitable for cold blends and special tea blends for children. 

Our tea blends have been produced, tested, and perfected over many years so we can guarantee you flavour, love and passion with every mouthful.  We are constantly adding new teas to our collection and this year saw the introduction of the long-awaited 'Cirque du Soir' collection including some of Jaitea's most daring blends. 

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We have a variety of single origin raw and unfiltered honeys.  All of these are sourced from apiaries around Cambridgeshire and Essex and we are proud to work with bee-keepers who share our ethics and values.

We decided to add honey to our portfolio in 2019 as it is a product that goes hand-in-hand with tea drinking as a superior, natural sweetening ingredient. We want our customers to enjoy the very best in honey alongside the best in tea. 


What's better than a pot of fine tea in the morning? A pot of fine tea and a serving of luxury granola!

Last year, Jaitea introduced its first collection of artisan granola.  We were inspired by the eastern flavours that are found in our black teas and chai and set about creating the perfect morning accompaniment. 

Since then, the collection has grown and we are now proud to offer many more flavours all of which are distinctive, creative and utterly moreish, as well as being beautifully packaged.  

Our versatile granola can be consumed in many other ways, including as topping for fruit crumbles. Try them today for a enchanting and ceremonial breakfast!


Someone once said that to get a greater depth and experience when drinking black and green tea one should also consume chocolate.  Well, that someone was our in-house chocolatier, but he was right! 

2020 saw the introduction to our creative and much awaited artisan chocolate collection.

Our chocolates are all created and made in-house using the finest ingredients.  We spend many hours creating and tasting these incredible chocolates to ensure quality and excellence throughout the collection. The chocolates enhance the tea and granola flavours and likewise the tea and granola enhance the chocolate flavours and texture, giving an absolutely perfect outcome.  Whether you consume them with their relevant tea-pair or by themselves, the chocolates are just magnificent. 


Chocolat Chaud is Jaitea's luxury hot chocolate which is made using the finest ground Belgian chocolate mixed with chocolate bark.  Each flavour is created in-house by our talented chocolatiers.  They are tried and tested before being added to our product range, ensuring only the very best flavours are offered.  We are also proud to support charities by donating money for each charitable blend sold.  These charities are carefully chosen each year and are close to our hearts.  This year we are supporting MIND, Action on Postpartum Psychosis and Breast Cancer Now.  


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JAITEA is a trading name of DE KOTWARA LIMITED.

Registered in England. Registration number:  12416499.

Registered office address: 71-75 Shelton Street, London WC2H 9JQ