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Proud to be a caring company
We love our world, our people and our children and that is why we are a socially-minded company. Our teabags are made from cornstarch which is fully compostable, our inner bags are made from a paper pulp cellophane which is biodegradable, and our cardboard boxes are purposely not over-wrapped with cellophane and can easily be recycled.  We also sell tea refills with minimum packaging and using only paper pulp cellophane. We only use recycled plastic, if at all, across all of our products and this plastic is also recyclable. Alongside this, we try to source ingredients using local suppliers wherever possible. All of our suppliers must share our values for us to partner with them.
Support Small & Local Businesses
We believe in everyone's right to dream and we go out of our way to support new and small businesses and all businesses who we believe are trying to do good and meaningful things. The companies below are just two of our partners who we are proud to have a continuing relationship with.
We are incredibly proud to support Burwell Print Centre.  It is a social enterprise that supports and trains adults with learning disabilities and provides quality design and print services.
They are a wonderful company to partner with and are responsible for all of our printing.  Check out their website here.
We are proud to work with Four Seasons Village who are a husband and wife team that really know how to deliver a personalised and exemplary service. Our travel boxes would not be complete without the beautifully crafted ribbons that Four Seasons Village make for us. 
We have a great partnership with them and would highly recommend this wonderfully company. Check out their website here.
Supporting Charities through our products
Every year we select several different charities to support through our products.  This year we have chosen three very deserving charities and will be supporting them through sales of our Charitable Chocolat Chaud (hot chocolates). We donate £1 for every unit sold. 
Action on Postpartum Psychosis
Mind Charity
Breast Cancer Now
This is a charity that is very close to my heart having known someone who suffered with this serious condition shortly after giving birth. 
APP supports families when they need it the most and their experienced team can shine a light through this dark, lonely tunnel.  They are truly deserving of our recognition and support.  
You can find more information about postpartum psychosis and the work that the charity does by clicking here.
This is an incredible charity that supports anyone experiencing a mental health issue. They provide support to people when they really need it and for a number of people they are a lifeline.
You can find more information about the work that MIND does by clicking here.
Sadly, breast cancer affects very many women. This inspiring charity provides ongoing support to anyone who is going through this journey and also funds vital research into the disease.
You can find more information about the work of BREAST CANCER NOW by clicking here.
Action on Postpartum Psychosis Charity Chocolate

Jasmine with our Action on Postpartum Psychosis Charity Chocolate

MIND Charity Chocolate

MIND Charity Chocolate - Cherry Pie

Breast Cancer Now Charity Chocolate

Breast Cancer Now Charity Chocolate - Strawberry Shortcake

Think Pink

Breast Cancer Now Charity Chocolate - Strawberry Shortcake

Action on Postpartum Psychosis Charity Chocolate

Action on Postpartum Psychosis Charity Chocolate - Creme Brulee


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