Here at Jaitea, we offer a large range of beautifully designed and imagined tea and food collections.  Our aim is to take the experience of drinking tea to a higher level but whilst still making our tea and food collections accessible to all.

We believe in the ceremony of tea!

All of our tea is made with the highest quality, ethically sourced ingredients bought from local suppliers, who share our values, where possible. 

Jaitea is a great addition to your tea range with flavours and tastes that are difficult to match or compare with other tea companies.


If you have a retail outlet and are interested in stocking our tea and/or foods, we would be delighted to hear from you - over a cup of tea, of course!

Please contact us to discuss further.


"You were in my thoughts so I created this tea just for you.
We can drink it together, even though we are far apart, and reminisce on all the good times".