The Rajah's Blends

My Grandfather was a great Rajah. He was educated in UK at Eton, Cambridge  and Edinburgh University. He left Cambridge to study in Edinburgh as he was not allowed keep his chauffeur, James, and his car.
Whilst studying abroad he missed his customary chai and seeked to reproduce it using herbs and spices from the Palace kitchen. He became quite famous amongst his peers for his delicious spicy tea concoctions that made studying even more of a pleasurable experience. But being an inventor at heart, he couldn't stick to just a simple chai recipe and so he started to play around with different flavours using florals and herbs from wherever he could get them from.
After inventing a new blend, he would invite his friends round to try the tea alongside a hearty curry.
When he eventually returned to The Palace, he hosted incredible soirees based upon the new flavours and scents he had discovered and an indulgent tea course was always on the menu.
Jaitea began with, and alongside, these stories of great teas and great tea experiences and I am constantly re-inventing, re-blending and pushing the boundaries on the versatility of this miraculous drink.
Above is a menu from 1942 and the accompanying teas that were on offer.
Jasmine x