An unrivalled heritage

Established in 2019 but with roots dating back to 1910, Jaitea’s aspiration is food and drink as high culture– in the production, the presentation, and the partaking. A marriage of luxurious heritage with discerning reinvention, welcome to a grand tradition of extravagant living in the present.

Our signature bold and beautiful products combine art and Indian heritage as a perennial point of inspiration and are available for delivery across the UK.

​Jaitea builds upon the legacy of a great Indian Rajah, the grandfather of the brand’s founder. A Rajah is equivalent to a king or ruler of a state in India.

He was educated at Cambridge and Edinburgh Universities, and also travelled widely in the east and west. Whilst travelling, he would bring back the tastes and flavours that he had encountered and would provide instructions to his staff to reproduce them in the Palace kitchen.

​The Rajah was renowned for hosting the most incredible soirées at his palace, where he would share these new flavours and combinations, including a drinks menu with imaginative tea blends. Notably, Earl Mountbatten was a good friend of his and was often a guest at the palace.

​Jaitea was inspired by these great stories, as retold by the Rajah himself, and the brand has sought to recreate the full experience by bringing the past firmly in to the present.


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