Garden of Badalpur (Assam & Gunpowder with Rose)

Garden of Badalpur (Assam & Gunpowder with Rose)

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This limited edition blend will transport you to the mesmerising Gardens of Badalpur. Full of charm and elegance, this invigorating and fascinating tea will take you to a place of wonder and magic.

A sensational blend of single estate Assam and Gunpowder green tea delicately laced in Bergamot oil and then lovingly sprinkled with rose.

This tea has a medium malty character profile that can be consumed with or without milk.


Single estate Assam, Gunpowder green tea, Bergamot and Rose petals

Brewing guide

1 tsp or 1 tea pyramid into boiling hot water. Brew for 2-3 minutes.

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